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2023-07-03: Fuzion July Update

Here is this month's update:

A significant part of this month's work was adding support for atomic values to our standard library, as well as removing the type parameter from numeric. The latter uncovered and led to the fix of several internal bugs regarding type handling with respect to covariance.

  • Fuzion language
    • Fix the handling of types, in particular in conjuction with covariance and type constraints #1612, #1620, #1627, #1629, #1650. This allowed the removal of the type parameter from numeric, see below.

    • Some other bugs in the implementation have been fixed: #1616, #1619, #1648.

  • base library
    • Add the array.type.new type feature as an alternative to the array constructor, but also add a array-constructor-like feature marray as an alternative to marray.type.new #1566.

    • Remove the use of the stream feature in some features, and if possible, return list instead of Sequence #1569.

    • Remove the Sequences feature #1579.

    • The new concur.atomic feature allows atomic accesses to a value #1580, #1606.

    • String.type.from_array has been renamed as String.type.from_marray #1581.

    • The unicode feature has been moved into the character_encodings feature #1584.

    • The stdout feature has been removed, use say or yak instead #1585.

    • The some feature has been removed, if you need a wrapper type for choice or similar, define your own local wrapper type #1589.

    • The ryu feature is now grouped in the num feature #1600.

    • The type parameter has been removed from numeric and its heirs #1622. this.type-covariance is now used instead.

  • fz tool
    • The -XjavaProf option has been added, which can create a flame graph for profiling purposes #1555, #1557.


--The Fuzion Team.