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2022-11-14: Fuzion November Update


Here is this month's update:

Big news in October was an important addition to our team: Max Teufel joined Tokiwa Software GmbH as a full-time developer to work on Fuzion with a focus on the base library.

Loads of changes under the hood, so little visible on the surface:

  • Fuzion language
    • Syntax improvements in .type and .env expressions.
  • base library
    • added more effects to io.file.
    • added bit-wise-not operation prefix ~ to wrappingInteger.
    • started changing names to use snake_case and Capitals for ref features.
  • fz tool
    • Arguments following main feature are now passed to Fuzion code via the envir.args effect.
    • new option -moduleDir to specify where to load modules from.
  • Fuzion idioms
    • implemented idioms 64, 120, 125, 132, 232, 233, 250, 263, 274.