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2022-10-07: Fuzion October Update


Here is this month's update:

A short month due to summer holidays and other events. Main areas under development are support for Fuzion modules and base library improvements such as io.file effects.

  • Fuzion language
    • Updated to support Unicode 15.
    • Disallow declaration of uninitialized fields as in f i32 := ?'.
  • base library
    • support for big integers via Fuzion features int and uint.
    • numericSequence now inherits from hasEquals
    • removed uses of stream from string in favor of list.
    • Added new module terminal.fum providing ANSI escape codes. The main purpose of this module at this time is to provide a simple test for modules.
  • fz tool
    • Added option -sourceDirs={<path>,..} to specify where to search for sources. If this option is not provided, the current directory is used to search for source files. Otherwise, the (possibly empty) list of paths provided via this option is used.
    • Added option -saveLib=<path> to create a module file.
    • Removed option -XsaveBaseLib and added -XloadBaseLib=(on|off) to disable loading of base.fum module which is needed when creating base.fum.
    • new option -XdumpModules={<name>,..} to print the contents of a loaded module as a colored hex dump with comments.
  • modules
    • Support for several module files. Except for the base module base.fum that does not depend on another module, module support is still incomplete, e.g., modules may not use of type parameters with types from other modules.
  • language server extension
    • update lsp4j 0.14->0.15
    • option to disable inlay hints
  • fuzion-lang.dev website
    • adding benchmark charts (not yet deployed)
    • updated playground
  • Fuzion idioms
    • implemented idioms that require io.file effects.
    • implemented idioms that require big ints.