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2022-01-12: Fuzion January Update


Here is this month's update:

  • Front End / Middle End
    • Support for pre-compiled module file for base library
      • fz command now loads file modules/base.fum instead of parsing the sources
      • the result is a significant startup time improvement.
    • Fuzion source files now may contain several feature declarations
  • Base library
    • feature List was renamed as Sequence to avoid mixing this up with list.
    • Merge many small source files into larger one, e.g., true.fz is now part of bool.fz.
  • IDE integration:
    • update fuzion version in language server to work with the new modules (this decreased time for running all tests from ~30s to ~7s)
    • added installation instructions for vim editor
    • added github actions for building releases of fuzion, fuzion language server and vscode extension
  • fuzion-lang.dev:
    • initial version of fuziondocs tool for generating documentation of standard library (to go online soon)
    • installation instructions for fuzion, fuzion language server and vscode extension (to go online soon)
  • Conferences
    • Next month's FOSDEM has two accepted talks on Fuzion!
  • Documentation
    • New target make doc in the fuzion sources creates documentation using asciidoc. This currently is used only for documenting the module file format, but this might be expanded.