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2021-12-08: Fuzion December Update


Most recent changes in Fuzion happened under the hood without much visible effect so far. The main news since last month are

  • IDE integration:
    • Fuzion language server: Improved performance and heuristics for completion, hover, signature help, etc.
    • Added markdown formatting for these.
  • Front End / Middle End
    • Adding infrastructure to create a Fuzion module file for the standard library.
      • The goal is to have minimal load time for large modules when only small parts are used.
      • The idea is to have a compact binary file format that can be fmap()ped to memory and used directly, i.e., without unpacking or parsing.
      • The main contents are features and types.
      • Features that are routines contain code using a stack machine with few (~10) basic commands.
    • Major restructuring in front end to replace direct accesses to abstract syntax tree by abstract classes (AbstractFeature, AbstractType) that can be loaded from a library file.