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2021-10-01: Fuzion October Update


September was my holiday month, but nevertheless, there has been progress with Fuzion and Tokiwa Software. What is most important

  • Tokiwa Software was accepted to exhibit at the startup event Bits&Pretzels in Munich
  • new syntax
    • for function types: '(i32, string) -> bool' or 'u8 -> string' for lambdas: 'x -> 2*x', 'x,y -> x+y', '(a,b,c) -> a < b < c', '() -> 42', etc.
  • tools
    • many bug fixes, restructuring and cleanup of code
  • tests
    • cleanup. Some tests with known issues are skipped now such that a build with only known issues reports success. Issues are documented in github.
  • website
    • updated examples for new function types and lambdas
    • improved input / output text areas for running examples
    • added idioms