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2021-07-30: Fuzion mitigates 9 of top 10 CWE security weaknesses

The Fuzion programming language will provide specific features that mitigate important safety and security vulnerabilities.

Fuzion and the CWE Top 25

Nine out of the top ten weaknesses in Mitre's 25 most dangerous weaknesses published in July 2021 are addressed or solved directly by Fuzion.

It turns out that there are three main aspects of Fuzion that mitigate security vulnerabilities:

  1. pre-conditions forbid unsafe operations
  2. static analysis finds dangerous data-flow
  3. Automatic memory management, no pointer arithmetic or null pointers.

The remaining weaknesses affect areas that can only be addressed outside of the the programming languages during architecture and design or operation.

For more information and a complete list of mitigations that Fuzion offers to the CWE Top 25, please check the Safety and Security page.