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2022-07-15: Fuzion July Update


Here is this month's update:

The main improvements in June affect the internals: adding static analysis and reducing the size of the bugs backlog.

  • fz command
    • added escape analysis required for tail recursion optimization
    • added tail call detection required for tail recursion optimization
  • C backend
    • added tail recursion optimization
      • this was long overdue since there are no loops in the intermediate representation resulting in stack overflows for loops with large iteration counts.
  • Language Server
    • updated: vscode extension, language server, playground v0.75
    • support semantic tokens, which allows prettier syntax highlighting like this:
      syntax highlighting
    • improved expression completion; suggest types where applicable (this is still WIP)
    • inlay hints: show the inferred type of a feature
  • Bugs
    • fixed: #327, #326, #325, #320, #317, #296, #293, #292, #277, #264, #261, #256, #236, #133, #45