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2022-03-08: Fuzion March Update


Here is this month's update:

    • About 300 participants watched one of the three Fuzion talks.
  • Automatic monadic lifting
    Some progress in the design:
    • added handles.fz, a one-way monad for modifiable data, similar to Haskell's Data.IORef./li>
    • Added purely functional version of man-or-boy using handles.fz
    • My current expectation is that Fuzion could become a pure functional language that maintains most of the feeling and performance of a procedural language using one-way monads and automatic monadic lifting.
  • Syntax
    • allow trailing comma in inline array: [1,2,3,]
  • bug fixes
    • fixed major problem related to lifespan of outer instances and resulting in segfault in C backend (#168)
    • many smaller bugs fixed
  • improvements in error messages
  • base lib
    • conversions between integer types
    • string.split, string.isBlank