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2021-11-08: Fuzion November Update


I have just come back from short holidays, so this month's Fuzion update is a little late. The main news since last month are

  • IDE integration:
    • work on a Fuzion language server based on the VS Code extension has started thanks to Michael Lill's efforts (currently does not work on Windows yet, will be fixed soon).
    • VS Code extension is published on open-vsx.org and marketplace.visualstudio.com.
  • Fuzion language
    • better type inference avoids the need for explicit type parameters in most cases
  • Front End / Middle End
    • First, very simple Data Flow Analysis based on Fuzion module IR to perform a very limited check that variables are initialized before being used.
    • Major restructuring to remove dependencies from MIR/AIR/FUIR on AST and to eventually support a binary module format.
  • fuzion-lang.dev
    • created a playground based on openvscode-server and vscode extension for Fuzion. The playground requires a login. Feedback is very welcome.
    • added more idioms including a first Fuzion quine (#182).
  • General / Infrastructure
    • Fuzion sources now require OpenJDK 17./
    • Tokiwa Software now has a presence on github. Eventually, the Fuzion repository will be moved there as well.