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How to Support Fuzion

Give Feedback

Please let me know what you think, what you like, what you don't like, what confuses you, what you miss, etc. Feel free to report bugs.

Joining Tokiwa Software

Tokiwa Software GmbH is the company that finances the development of Fuzion. If you are interested in working on Fuzion, either as an employee, partner or investor, ask me for details.

The work that needs your support includes

  • Development related

    • develop Fuzion analysis tools: work on analysis tools and platform-independent optimizations
    • develop Fuzion back ends: choose suitable code generators and implement back ends (e.g., LLVM/LuaJIT/OMR/classfiles/graalVM/WebAssembly/etc.)
    • design and implement Fuzion standard libraries: collections, I/O, networking, security, etc.
    • develop powerful interfaces to C, Java, etc. to ease migration
    • integrate key technologies into fuzion, e.g., AI, classifiers, machine learning, GPU-acceleration, SIMD, graphics, web, blockchain, PWA, IoT, Cloud, AR/VR, what is the next big thing?
    • create Fuzion examples, tutorials (e.g. youtube) , documentation
    • integrate Fuzion support into IDEs: Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, repl.it, emacs, etc.
    • add support for Jupyter-Notebook
    • be an active Fuzion evangelist, hold presentations, press contacts, etc.
    • develop benchmarks, maintain a benchmark infrastructure to monitor improvements or regressions and to compare against other languages
    • develop tests, maintain regression test suite
    • turn the Fuzion website hack into a professional, scalable center for Fuzion information, including a hub for sharing Fuzion modules
  • Sales related

    • develop business models to provide professional services around Fuzion: Support, Porting, Certification, Libraries
    • define key markets for Fuzion, define and implement sales strategy
  • Financially related

    • Invest in Tokiwa Software
    • Learn about and influence the Exit strategy

External Contributions

As soon as legal aspects are checked and the project has advanced sufficiently, the Fuzion code will be made available as Open Source and will be open for pull requests.

Spread the Word

In case you know anyone who might be interested or who could help contribute, please establish the contact, I am happy to invite more to the website to get feedback and build a strong team.