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Bug Reports

Fuzion is under development and to a large extend experimental. Even some of the tests delivered with Fuzion fail, they currently serve as a reminder how things should be instead of testing that everything is working well. Nevertheless, if you encounter a problem, consider creating a bug report.

Reporting Bugs via GitHub

You may create bug reports directly in Fuzion's GitHub Issue Tracker.

Bug reporting Etiquette

The following guidelines are inspired by stackoverflow's page 'How do I ask a good question?':

To improve the chances of your issue to be understood and solved, here are some tips:

Search, and research

try to find related information on the Fuzion site fuzion-lang.dev, the Fuzion sources, libraries, examples, etc. and note down relevant information such that you can reference it in your post.

Write a title that summarizes the specific problem

The title is the first thing the that the Fuzion team will see. The title will be used for a first rating of the importance, urgency and priority of the problem and to decide about affected components and whom to assign the problem to.

So, try to sum up your problem in the title, be specific and give relevant detail.

Describe the problem

Before adding code, try to describe how you got to this point, what you are trying to achieve and what does not work.

Include enough information to reproduce the problem

A bug report that cannot be reproduced by a developer is of little use. So please include all information required to reproduce the problem. This includes source code, commands, arguments, expected output as well as the erroneous output you encountered, etc..

Nevertheless, try to reduce any example to the bare minimum required to reproduce the problem. A bug report with a large example application that requires additional analysis of the code to understand what is going on is likely to be closed without being considered further.