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This list will always be incomplete, but here is a try to thank those who contributed to Fuzion and this Website

  • Kunal Mhaske for pointing out a vulnerability in the fuzion-lang.dev / tokiwa.software websites.
  • Patrick Favre-Bulle for providing the bcrypt library for Java, which is used to store passwords on this website.
  • Stathis Sideris for implementing ditaa, which is used for the graphs on this website.
  • Terence Parr for ANTLR, which was used to generate the parser in early versions of Fuzion.
  • Ivo Balbaert for Visual Studio Code extension vscode-fusion (github)
  • Bartosz Milewski for teaching Category Theory on youtube.
  • Achim Siebert, David Beberman, Holger Kienle, Lars Siebert, Marvin Blauth, Manolis Ragkousis, Michael Lill, Pjotr Prins, Rainer Neumann, Rangi Kaito Siebert, Yoshimi Uchida-Siebert, and many more for providing all sorts of feedback and support.
  • nitter.net for providing an RSS-Feed for our twitter account @FuzionLang