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Type Syntax Sugar

Even though types such as array, choice, function types, are mapped to Fuzion features, it could improve readability and usability a lot to have special syntax for declaration of these types and their instances.

Feature Type Declaration value syntax sugar comment
verbose syntax sugar
sequence, list or array Sequence Sequence A [T] [a,b,c]
A value [a,b,c] is an instance of array T (that can be assigned to type Sequence T), while type [A] is equivalent to Sequence T. The type of a sequence value is inferred from the target it is assigned to, or, if the target does not have a declared type, from the first element in the sequence ([void] for an empty sequence).
dictionary, map Map Map A B [A => B] [a1 => b1,
 a2 => b2,
 a3 => b3]
A map value is of type ordered_map, the elements must inherit ordered.
function or lambda Function Function R A B
Function R A
Function R
(A,B) -> R
A,B -> R
(A) -> R
A -> R
() -> R
(a,b) -> f a b
a,b -> f a b
(a) -> f a
a -> f a
() -> f const
A lambda value must be assigned to a field of a function type.
tagged union choice choice A B C A | B | C a A value a of type A will be converted to a choice type A | B | C implicitly in an assignment to a field whose type is the choice type.
tuple tuple tuple A B C (A, B, C) (a, b, c)
Note that (a) is _not_ a one-tuple. The type of () is unit, which is an heir of tuple.
Tuple syntax is also used for destructuring as in (x, y) := point.