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File Names

What should the file name extensions be?

Source Files

  • .fu sounds good to me, *.fu is Wind in Japanese (風, as in 風船 pronounced ふうせん, fuusen, engl. balloon), but then there is the urban dictionary FU which is not so nice.
  • .f used for Forth and Fortran source code.
  • .fs nice, my initials, but used for F# source code.
  • .fun suggested by Achim: seems to be unused, sounds good. Is Fuzion functional enough to use this?
  • .fus suggested by Achim: seems to be unused, close to F.U.S.S.
  • .fz Fits well as a short form of Fuzion, used for a CAD tool called Fritzing, also short for friendzone, and the initials of Frank Zappa, which should be reason enough to choose FZ!

Module Files

Application Files

  • .fapp the urban dictionary is destroying this again: fapp, but maybe this is less used than FU.
  • .fpip for Fuzion Platform Independent Program, but sounds a lot like the Python package manager.
  • .fpia for Fuzion Platform Independent Application, might work.
  • .fsap for Fuzion stand-alone application

IR Files

  • .fuir sounds like you want to run away, but ok.